Relationship Therapy

Therapy with couples focuses on the wellbeing of your relationship with one another. Your relationship can feel burdened by resentments, lacking intimacy or trust and communication may have become difficult. As a result, conflict becomes unmanageable. Couples may consider separation or divorce when they feel stuck in unhelpful interactions and pattern and therapy will focus on how a couple can become unstuck.

In therapy with couples, I often use exercises to enable partners to strengthen their connection and understanding of each other. I also encourage couples to become more creative and playful in their interactions with each other. 

Partners in a relationship sometimes struggle to negotiate a good balance between their autonomous self (how they want to be and what they want to do for themselves) and the unit they form as a couple. Over the duration of a relationship this can vary and change.


Inherited values and scripts originating from the individuals' family and cultural systems often inform people where they feel strongly about the direction in which their relationship should progress and about what they expect from one another. In couples therapy we look at the context and history of each partners' understanding of what relationship means. 

Therapy will often aim to redefine your relationship in order to move forward as a strengthened couple. Although this is not always possible. Couples therapy can also support partners in ending their relationship respectfully and with mutual care.


Online Therapy for Couples

Couple therapy works online. Please contact me for an initial consultation (with your partner copied in). For our first meeting, I would encourage you be seated next to each other in front of one screen and be as free as possible from interference or disturbance. If this is not possible, please let me know in advance of the consultation. The sessions take place on Zoom. You will receive a personalised link to enter a dedicated meeting room.

Couple therapy is weekly either time-limited or open-ended. I am happy to discuss your requirements in our first consultation.