Individual Therapy

Beginning therapy can feel like a big step. Conversations in counselling and psychotherapy focus on you. As many of us prefer to hide and conceal aspects of ourselves which we do not take pride in, it may cause you to worry about feeling exposed.


You will find me to be a warm, genuine and understanding therapist who will support you in discovering and strengthening your ability to feel pride in yourself, resilience and confidence in your decisions.

If you prefer goal orientated progress, in therapy, you will be able set your goals and time frame. Should you be more comfortable with processing issues over time and feel pressured by the thought of reaching a goal in a specified time, open-ended therapy may be preferable. I offer both, short-term and open-ended therapy.  

Counselling and Psychotherapy Online

Individual therapy works online. Please contact me for an initial consultation. You would need to find a private space where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed in front of your screen/ device. Although you may be seated on your own sofa for therapy, please keep in mind that during the session, your room becomes part of our formal therapy space.


If you have worked from home during the Covid pandemic, you may have already considered questions about how to use your space appropriately without feeling compromised or over-exposed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions prior to a consultation.