About Me

Professional Therapist

I am an experienced and professional individual and relationship therapist and systemic practitioner. I have been practicing since 2008 in London and Brighton and Hove, UK. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and comply with the Ethical Framework and the Online and Phone Therapy Competences Framework of the association in my practice.

My Approach

With an additional degree in Applied Systemic Theory, my approach to therapy is informed by constructivism.


Constructivism is often said to state the obvious – that actions, interactions and perceptions shape reality. It also means that our interactions with our personal and social context matter for who we are and who we become.

After training as an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, my work with clients now often focuses on experiences of identity associated with sexual orientation, gender descriptions, cultural change, body image, trauma and life changes.

I emphasise the importance of developing a trusting, warm and reliable therapeutic relationship to give our conversations a solid and comfortable framework and to provide a safe space. I have developed an interactive style of therapy which empowers my clients to build confidence and resilience.


© Photo: David Myers

Online Therapy

Since 2015 my online practice has accommodated clients, who are travelling, clients with conditions which affect mobility; and more recently, clients during lockdown and restrictions due to the Covid pandemic. The sessions take place on Zoom. You will receive a personalised link to enter a dedicated meeting room. Please ensure that you have a comfortable and private space in which you can feel free to talk.